ACS Omega 2020 5 (4), 1966-1973

Nanocomposite Titania−Carbon Spheres as CO2 and CH4 Sorbents

Antoni W. Morawski, Piotr Staciwa, Daniel Sibera, Dariusz Moszyński, Michał Zgrzebnicki and Urszula Narkiewicz


Photocatalysis can offer solutions for the transformation of greenhouse gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide. In the paper, a candidate for such a photocatalyst is presented, based on a composite of titania with carbon spheres. The material was obtained using microwave assisted solvothermal synthesis, enabling good dispersion of titania. The studies of carbon dioxide and methane adsorption were performed under ambient pressure and temperatures of 40, 60, and 80 °C. The effect of temperature increase was less favorable for carbon dioxide than for methane. Satisfying values of carbon dioxide and methane uptake were obtained—3.94 mmol CO2/g and 2.77 mmol CH4/g at 40 °C.